Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to Basics – Easy Exercise Routines

Fitness is big business. There are TV shows, infomercials and entire television stations dedicated to exercise and weight loss. Fitness magazines and books can be found in every bookstore, most grocery stores, and even some convenience stores. And new types of fitness equipment are rolling off the production lines all the time.

With all of this activity dedicated to fitness, one might think that getting in shape is difficult (not to mention expensive). But people have been exercising since the beginning of time, and they didn't have detailed instructions and fancy equipment back then. And contrary to what the companies that make all these products would have us think, it's not necessary today, either.

There are many types of exercise that we can do without any equipment whatsoever. These include:

* Running - This is one of the best cardio exercises there is. All you need to get started is a good pair of shoes, some weather-appropriate running gear, and a place to run.
* Push-ups - Push-ups are excellent for strength training. They work the arms, shoulders and chest, and they also build upper core strength.
* Crunches - Crunches are like sit-ups, but they are not as hard on the back. They are wonderful for toning the abdominal muscles.
* Lunges - If you want to improve muscle tone in the legs, lunges are perfect. They can also provide cardiac benefits if you do enough repetitions.
* Walking – Considered one of the best forms of exercise that just about anyone can do. Walking works the entire body and the participant can go at their own pace. In fact, walking doesn’t have to seem like “exercise” at all to be beneficial – simply incorporating more walking into your daily life will make a difference.

A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way

It is entirely possible to get an adequate workout without any special equipment. But adding in some simple exercise aids will add variety to your workout. Variety will help keep you motivated and make it easier to work all of your muscles.

An exercise ball is a favorite of workout minimalists. You can use it in a number of ways. It's great for balance training, working on core strength and even weight training. Exercise balls are not very expensive, but they are quite versatile.

Resistance bands are also simple yet versatile. Often used in physical therapy, they provide resistance without heavy weights or bulky machines. They're ideal for those who live in small spaces.

Dumbbells are good to have on hand, too. They can help build strength in the arms without creating bulk. Some are pricey, but the inexpensive ones found at discount stores work just as well.

You don't have to spend a fortune just to stay in shape. Exercising can be as simple as doing some stretches and jogging around the block a few times. While some exercise equipment offers added benefits, it is unnecessary for most of us. Some comfortable clothes and a little motivation is all we truly need to stay fit.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

About Chin - Neck Applicator

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Lose Weight Fast

There's a good reason to be concerned about what you're putting in your body
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How to lose a double chin

How to lose a double chin
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How Much Will It Transform your body!
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The Ultimate Applicator is a big hit amoung celebrities

The Ultimate Applicator is a big hit amoung celebrities
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Weight Loss and Dieting Journaling

- keeping a weight loss and diet journal can help maintain healthy habits and show progress you might not see at first glance
- everything you eat during every day write it all down
- write down exercise, type, duration, conditions etc
- journal how you felt that day, energetic, motivated, tired, sluggish, fatigued?
- write a positive thing about each day, an affirmation of your goals
- don’t weight yourself daily - once or twice a month is plenty, maybe give it a special page in your journal
- don’t just go by the scale, measure yourself too, we often lose inches before we lose pounds
- write short and long term goals, including maintenance goals
- don’t cheat yourself, not writing something down doesn’t make that day better even on paper
- if your diet includes calorie counting write those down for the day and keep a calorie calculator sheet handy for estimates and figuring
- all exercise counts, even if it’s just walking to the post office or vacuuming the stairs

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Benefits of Raw Juices

- raw vegetable juices have powerful nutritive and healing properties
- juicing is not just for fruit …. Raw vegetable juices are very beneficial
- serving size is important for raw juices - less than 6 ounces. (anywhere from 3-6 ounces could be your serving size, experiment to find what works for you)
- adding some or even all of the vegetable pulp into the juice helps to make drinking the juiced vegetables more satisfying
- juicing helps to absorb the essential nutrients from vegetables
- it’s much easier to consume an optimal amount of vegetables every single day
- great way to add a variety of vegetables into your diet, many people get into veggie ruts of eating corn, broccoli and green beans and nothing else
- herbs can be added to juices both for additional flavors and healing properties
- drink juice right away, or store briefly in the refrigerator, covered and tightly sealed for 24 hours (light and oxygen damage the juice and cause a decline in nutrients, fresh and right away is the best)
- There is evidence to support the cancer fighting and protective qualities of raw juices and foods
- raw juice provides more nutrients, curbing food cravings and leading to weight loss.