Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Lose Weight Fast

There's a good reason to be concerned about what you're putting in your body
when it comes to weight loss products. Diet pills, patches magic potions -- you name it,
it's on the market. chances are it has something in it that is less than healthy, if not dangerous,
for your body,

With The Ultimate Applicator, you can take a big sigh of relief and know that you're giving your
body healthy, detoxifying, 100% natural ingredients. it Works! Marketing is committed to a
philosophy of helping people get the bodies they want and get healthy using the highest quality
natural ingredients.

Say good bye to jittery, caffiene- loaded weight loss pills and other potions that make you feel
crummy. All you will feel when using the ultimate applicator, is a pleasant cool tingling ,
sensation that let's you know it is working!


  1. Great Blog Andrea!!!

    I Love my IT Works body applicators! I have just begun to use them and lost a total of
    2 1/2 inches!!!! Thank you for introducing me to a fantastic product!

  2. Andrea, I would be doing my chin wrap tonight
    notice I'm getting a little chubby around the chin, lol. this should be an incredible product for loseing weight with, what looks like a double chin coming on lol.

  3. Hey Andrea, just wanted to inform you,
    that I tried the "it works"
    neck and chin applicator,
    boooooooooooooooooooooooooy am I impressed
    with the way it has remove excess fat from
    around my chin area!!!!!
    double chin begone!!! lol.
    I will be ordering some more from you really soon!!!
    Soon I will be looking like a celebrity!!! ;)
    Thanks for sharing this awesome product
    with me... it really works!!!!

  4. Hey guys just wanted to share my experience with you guys, I followed the instructions on and it helped me alot. I lost 30 pounds in 45 days. I highly recommend you guys try it.

  5. now a days everybody wanna slimmer body and nobody wanna looks fatter.they wannna a fit and fine are some steps to get it.
    1.Go for veggies
    2.Eat fiber
    3.Don't switch foods radically
    4.Make health, not weight loss, your goal
    5.A major reason people get discouraged and drop out of weight-loss programs is weight plateaus
    6.Don't rush weight reduction
    7.Get exercise this will help you to lose tummy fat and the other fats.


She Went from a Size 22 to a Size 16 in just 60 days

She Went from a Size 22 to a Size 16 in just 60 days
Lose inches, pounds in just 45 minutes!!!

How to lose a double chin

How to lose a double chin
We even have face wraps!

How Much Will It Transform your body!

How Much Will It Transform your body!
You don't have to spend nearly that much to get the same inch-loss results because you've found the Ultimate Applicator!

The Ultimate Applicator is a big hit amoung celebrities

The Ultimate Applicator is a big hit amoung celebrities
The Ultimate Applicator was a big hit with celebrities when it was featured in the Emmy Awards celebrity gift bag. Even celebrities are turned off by the expense, recovery time, and risks associated with plastic surgeries. (We all remember Tara Reid's botched breast augmentation, right?!) The great news for people like you and me is that the Ultimate Applicator works so dramatically and safely that you'd expect it to only be affordable to A-list clients like celebrities…but that's not the case! This is a high quality product that works for real people at an affordable price.

Let Us Bring Your Sexy Back


Weight Loss and Dieting Journaling

- keeping a weight loss and diet journal can help maintain healthy habits and show progress you might not see at first glance
- everything you eat during every day write it all down
- write down exercise, type, duration, conditions etc
- journal how you felt that day, energetic, motivated, tired, sluggish, fatigued?
- write a positive thing about each day, an affirmation of your goals
- don’t weight yourself daily - once or twice a month is plenty, maybe give it a special page in your journal
- don’t just go by the scale, measure yourself too, we often lose inches before we lose pounds
- write short and long term goals, including maintenance goals
- don’t cheat yourself, not writing something down doesn’t make that day better even on paper
- if your diet includes calorie counting write those down for the day and keep a calorie calculator sheet handy for estimates and figuring
- all exercise counts, even if it’s just walking to the post office or vacuuming the stairs

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Benefits of Raw Juices

- raw vegetable juices have powerful nutritive and healing properties
- juicing is not just for fruit …. Raw vegetable juices are very beneficial
- serving size is important for raw juices - less than 6 ounces. (anywhere from 3-6 ounces could be your serving size, experiment to find what works for you)
- adding some or even all of the vegetable pulp into the juice helps to make drinking the juiced vegetables more satisfying
- juicing helps to absorb the essential nutrients from vegetables
- it’s much easier to consume an optimal amount of vegetables every single day
- great way to add a variety of vegetables into your diet, many people get into veggie ruts of eating corn, broccoli and green beans and nothing else
- herbs can be added to juices both for additional flavors and healing properties
- drink juice right away, or store briefly in the refrigerator, covered and tightly sealed for 24 hours (light and oxygen damage the juice and cause a decline in nutrients, fresh and right away is the best)
- There is evidence to support the cancer fighting and protective qualities of raw juices and foods
- raw juice provides more nutrients, curbing food cravings and leading to weight loss.